Mobile Storage Units in Goldsboro, NC

Our standard onsite units may be easily accessible, but with our portable units, you can step outside or visit a location of your choice and have your belongings when and where you need them. We have a unique delivery system that allows us to offer level loading and unloading as well as custom placement. Our mobile units are ideal for residents in Wayne County, Lenoir, Greene, Johnston, Sampson, Wilson, and Duplin. If you need a mobile unit, reach out to us. Our units load and unload flat so we’re unlike many other popular portable unit brands.


  • 8’x8’x16’
  • Brand NewMetal Roofs
  • Secure Door & Latch System 
  • Tie Downs Inside Units & Non-Slip Flooring​

Small Business/Mobile Business offers mobile units that are ideal for small businesses. In order to be successful, organization is an essential aspect in any business, especially as business starts to grow. More business means more inventory, so expanding the space may be helpful in reducing clutter and waste. Whether you're in retail, event planning, or construction, our mobile units will help you reach high levels of success.

How can a mobile storage unit help my small business?

Extra inventory

No matter what business you’re in, you may have an overflow of inventory cluttered up in a storage closet. To avoid this, keep your extra inventory in a one of our dry and secure mobile units. Transport the unit behind your building so that it’s easily accessible during work hours.

Extra work space

If you’re in the construction or car repair business, you may struggle finding places to get work done. If so, our mobile units are spacious enough to complete woodwork, welding or any other construction or small car repair job. Since they’re enclosed, you’re able to keep the noise down and keep your garage  and other work space organized and clutter free.

Store heavy and bulky equipment

Since our mobile units are spacious and secure, they’re a great place to store expensive and large sized lawn mowers, chainsaws, and construction tools. No need to  take up extra space in your garage or shed. Place your portable unit onsite during a construction job until the job is over. Everything will be kept safe and be protected from any possible precipitation or theft.

Keep extra files organized

There’s plenty of paperwork in business. It’s essential to keep it organized, dry and safe, so store your extra files in a mobile unit and save space in your office.

Home Restoration

Any kind of home renovation can get messy, cluttered and unorganized. If you’re building or updating your kitchen, bathroom, basement or any other area of your home, renting a mobile storage unit will help keep your personal belongings and any equipment in order. Set it in your back or front yard and have easy access to everything you need within a few steps.

How can a mobile storage unit help with home repairs?


It’s almost impossible to successfully complete a home project if you have items everywhere. Use a mobile unit to store your items while you’re painting, redoing the flooring, or repairing the roof.

Store Tools

During your home project, painting tools, various screwdrivers, saw, drills, hammers may take up extra space. One of our mobile units will allow you to store all of your equipment in an easily accessible space. Our units are waterproof and secure, so when you need your tools, they’ll be in great condition.

Store belongings

You’re home may not be in the best condition during repairs, so you may need to rent a place to live until the job is done. If so, a mobile unit may be a convenient option to store away your furniture, extra clothing, and other valuables.
Security Mobile Storage unit
Transporting Security Mobile Storage unit
Dropping off Security Mobile Storage unit